The State of Ohio only provides Executive clemency.  All the decisions are ultimately made by the Governor.  The pardon process is done through the Adult Parole Authority.  All applications must be submitted in writing.  Applicants or their Attorney must submit two (2) notarized applications with original signatures, along with two (2) copies of all attachments, to the Ohio Parole Board. They must submit their certificate of release or a journal entry terminating probation and police control.  If an application is denied the applicant must wait two years before applying again.


If the Parole Board determines that an application warrants further review at a hearing, the applicant and/or legal representative shall be notified of the date and time of the clemency hearing.  If the applicant is an inmate, an interview will be conducted at the institution in which the inmate is incarcerated prior to the hearing date. Generally, these hearings are conducted at a site in Columbus, Ohio. They will be conducted before members of the Parole Board.

The final decision lies with the Governor,  there is no time-frame in which a decision must be made. The process may take several months.


There is no information available on eligibility requirements or how long applicants must wait before applying.


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