The state of Indiana provides a Governor’s pardon only.  In order to be eligible you must wait at least five years from the time of completion of sentence.  Parole and probation are considered part of the sentence.  With the application, there must be several letters of recommendation from members of the community.  Then a parole agent will conduct a community investigation.  This must be completed before the date of a hearing can be set.  The applicant must call the board to make an appointment for a hearing date.  The applicant must be present to answer questions about his/her crimes, as well as his/her life at present.


The applicant will be notified of the hearing date during which the parole board will review the case.  The Board will then make a recommendation to the governor.  When the governor’s decision is made, the applicant will receive the decision in writing from the parole board.  Due to the lengthy pardons process, a decision is not likely to be rendered any less than a full year from the time the application is submitted.  Four months are usually required before a hearing date can be set.




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